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Postpartum Care

Our compassionate, integrated care doesn’t end with the birth of your child. We love being a part of your village. 

The postpartum period is a delicate time. Many families benefit greatly from adding a qualified acupuncturist with specific prenatal and postnatal education and experience to their support team. We love helping women ease into this beautiful, growth period by providing nurturing postpartum acupuncture services either at our East Bay Acupuncture office or in your own home. 

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Golden Month Postpartum

The Fourth Trimester

Imagine having one hour all to yourself to relax, rest and be taken care of. Acupuncture can be a powerfully restorative part of your postpartum healing and self-care plan.

You are welcome to bring your little one with you. To make your postpartum acupuncture experience stress-free, you can either: bring a caregiver along to watch your newborn during your treatment or come in early to feed your babe before your session. Babies often sleep in the treatment room, right alongside you!


Anxiety and Depression
Breast infections/pain
Blood loss
Energy Support
Healing of Tissues and scars
Labor Recovery

Milk Supply
Pain Relief
Sleep Support
Stress Management
Trauma Support


Golden Month Care Home Visits

In Chinese culture, the month following your birth is called the Golden Month and is considered a critical time for a new mother to receive nurturing care, so she can support her newborn.

To nourish and support you during your first month or so after birth, we provide acupuncture visits in the comfort of your own home. We make sure you can receive the essential care and nourishment you need to health in the space you feel most comfortable. 

Home visits are available by appointment. Email us for more information. Packages and single home visits can be purchased from our online store. An additional travel fee may apply outside of the Oakland, Berkeley, Emeryville, Piedmont and Alameda areas. 

“Aimee’s room is one of my happy places! I was taking care of a little boy and just had a baby, with tons of responsibilities and barely any help. When you go to Aimee, you will get somebody sympathetic to help you with your health issues, as well as listen to you, which to me is as healing as the needle treatment she provides.”

S. A.