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Holistic Prenatal Care

We are here to support you at every stage of your pregnancy.

Pregnancy can be one of the richest, most exciting periods in a woman’s life. Receiving acupuncture care during your pregnancy can help you achieve that vitality. With an individualized, holistic care plan, you can feel your best throughout your whole pregnancy. Wellness care allows us to be proactive in addressing the concerns that may arise during this unique time in your life.

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are incredible tools both for preventative care and as natural medicine remedies. If you have been treating a pre-existing condition with medications that you cannot take during pregnancy, acupuncture is often a powerful addition to your OBGYN care plan. We help women with many conditions including migraines, allergies, acute illnesses, pain conditions and emotional imbalances to minimize symptoms and treat the root causes safely and naturally. 

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First Trimester

Your first trimester can be quite an adjustment. You may experience fatigue and/or nausea. Many women feel anxious to get through the hurdles of the first trimester. We’re here to help.

We can help with

Morning Sickness
Anxiety and Fear
Miscarriage Prevention

Second Trimester

Entering the second trimester may bring you relief if you’ve been experiencing first trimester struggles. We might see you less frequently during this time. 

We can help with

Body pain
Round ligament pain
Gestational Diabetes
Placenta Previa
Shortness of Breath

Third Trimester

Your third trimester may or may not bring you increased pregnancy symptoms. We see pregnant women everyday in our practice who are feeling great. 

We can help with

Body pain
Carpal Tunnel syndrome
Sleep Support
Breech and Posterior presentation
Birth and Labor preparation


“Aimee is an incredible healer. She helped me find comfort and ease throughout my pregnancy. She is extremely knowledgeable, with a gentle touch.”